Pet Magpie

Pet Magpie is a search tool for the World of Warcraft auction house, targeted at pet collection.

To get started just fill the form below with your region, realm and character name.

It shows the best deals for the pets missing from your collection.

Auctions are filtered and sorted to show the pets you need at the best prices. Auctions are grouped by pet species to make it easy to look for the best deal for each kind of pet.

The auctions watcher warns you when the pets you are looking for become available.

You can set up the auction watcher to search for specific pets and exceptionally good deals. When they become available, they will be highlighted and a warning sound will be played.

It supports multiple realms.

You can keep an eye on multiple auction houses to find the best prices across realms. You can also compare prices to profitably trade pets from one realm to another.

Never miss a good deal again!